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About Ebony 

For Ebony Hudson, LISW-CP, LCSW, a firm faith in God and not wanting to see hurting families and communities were major catalysts in choosing a career in mental health.

Whether it’s through counseling, teaching coping skills, or targeted outcomes, Ebony believes that biblically based mental health services make all the difference. Her 20-year career includes experience as a medical social worker, inpatient psychiatry, and outpatient counseling in a variety of settings.

Through EH Counseling Associates, LLC, a firm she began in 2019, Ebony desires to impact the lives of adults through biblical teaching and cognitive behavioral therapy.

The COVID-19 pandemic - coupled with the need to break the stigma of mental health in the Christian community - provides the perfect opportunity for Ebony to serve her clients without them having to leave the comfort of their own home. She’s passionate about meeting people where they are, helping the depressed smile again, and giving clients hope along their journey towards mental wellness.

Clients and colleagues alike describe Ebony as a compassionate, caring, relatable, and bright professional with a sense of humor that can make even the toughest conversation easy. She incorporates simple, everyday analogies, which her clients appreciate the most.

For Ebony, it’s just as important to help Christian leaders. She’s counseled pastors and ministers during their most vulnerable times, helping to restore them so that they can continue to do what God's called them to do.

Ebony is most proud to add “author” to her list of accomplishments. Her book, “From Healing to Wholeness: A Christian Perspective on Emotional & Mental Wellness” shares how Christians can be healed and made whole mentally and emotionally.

Using basic Christian principles in the book, Ebony outlines specific, practical steps one can take along the path of healing and examines lessons we can learn from individuals in the Bible who had a relationship with God and struggled - and overcame - life’s challenges.

This project is in perfect alignment with Ebony’s mission of giving hope to the hopeless.

Ebony obtained a BSW from Seton Hall University, an MSW from the University of Pennsylvania, and is dual licensed in New Jersey and South Carolina. She’s affiliated with the National Association of Social Workers (where she served as a board member of the South Carolina Chapter and served on the Legislative Committee).

Ebony is involved in church activities and supports organizations and ministries such as St. Jude, Harvest Hope Food Pantry (Columbia, SC), Salvation Army, Meals on Wheels, Bible League of America, and Prison Fellowship. She also enjoys reading and traveling.

A Philadelphia, PA native, Ebony resides in Columbia, SC with her husband- an Air Force vet - and their two daughters.

Ebony’s motto is: "If you can help improve the life of one person, that person can improve their family, that family can improve their community, and that community can improve the world."

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